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Day 5 of Week of WildaBeest - Crossfit Centurion, Saturday Classes Cancelled

image Crossfit programming can be a tricky business. Working around "sore" areas using different movement patterns is paramount in my opinion. Equally important is varying the work rest modes. The Centurion is a classic workout that delivers a localized muscular endurance wallop. BE WARE! Friday's Workout The Centurion - 100 jumping squats (45/30lbs, below parrallel to feet off ground) 3 minute rest (not terribly important...go 2 minutes after last person finishes) - 100 Shoulder press (45/30lbs, touch shoulders to full lockout) 3 Min Rest - 100 AbMat Situps (head touches mat, touch finger tips to floor in front of toes) 3 Min Rest - 100 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Black/Red KB, floor to neck) Add up all the times, lowest score wins. We have a running Cert at the gym Saturday and Sunday. Classes are Cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience. Ugly Situation: Female Athletes Sell Sex First