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Deadlift and Double Under Day at CrossFit Vancouver Sunday, June 07, 2009

Really great to see everyone out for The Affiliate Challenge on Saturday. The workout was brutal and brought the best out of athletes and fans alike. This Saturday should be one crazy showdown. Monday's Workout: We will deadlift heavy for the skill/tech portion of the hour. 3, 3, 3 Hit this hard!! You should be as scared of doing heavy days as you are of doing Fran. For the workout (which I got off Popeye): Max Double Unders in 10 minutes. Patty and TBear have to do this one. I watched this video and thought it was a great metaphor for how CrossFit got started. Weirdo Kid Starts Huge Dance Party - Watch more Funny Videos EMBED-Weirdo Kid Starts Huge Dance Party - Watch more free videos Its all about contagion.