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Deadlift & Healing Back Injuries

"I have a bad back.......My back is killing me...I'd do that but my back is all messed up" We hear it all the time from people in the outside world, be it at hockey games, dinner parties, the dentist, fundraisers, craps tables. I tell them to "DEADLIFT, IT WILL HEAL YOUR BACK UP AND TURN YOU INTO A SAVAGE AT ANY SPORT YOU WANT TO TACKLE". I always see the same funny, non believing scrunched up faces looking at me like I am a f#@king idiot or some loose cannon. I tell them we see it work all the time.....we have documented indisputable evidence. They still don't believe me. Then I tell them about Scotty my cop who couldn't work for 6 months could,'t deadlift 65 pounds who now deadlifts 335 and is back on the job (do you think he still has back problems if he can pull 335 off the ground?). I tell them about Tbear who was laid up in bed for months, had back surgery and healed himself with the deadlift. The guy has now given up engineering to teach others how to fix their health problems...and by the way Tbear lifted 400 the other day and couldn't pick a hundred dollar bill off the floor when he started. Many still don't listen. Ironically the only people in our gym who still complain of back problems are those who are constantly stretching(forward), contorting and pulling on their backs and don't deadlift consistently (or work up to a heavy weight). My coaching for those with a "bad back". Your parents and grand parents should be doing this by the way. I have seen this work every time with my clients. Learn proper Bio mechanics of the dead lift Start out lifting really light (Maybe as little as 35lbs) lift 3 x per week, 5 sets of 3 reps Increase a little each week until you can lift 1.5-2 x Body weight Still don't believe me? Ask yourself this question, What in life could hurt your back if you had a 400lb deadlift? Here is a video of Alex (The Colonel's wife) dead lifting 195lbs She used to have a chronically bad back. Guess what? She doesn't have back problems anymore. Make sense? Post your thoughts to comments. Nice Job Alex!!