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Deadline Extended - Get your Fran in tomorrow

I feel like a professor caving into his students. For those that were unable to complete Tuesday's Assignment #5 - "A Date with Fran" let's get her done Wednesday and put her in the past. If completed, your coach will have the following workout for you... "Twice Around" 1 min - 15/30lb Weighted Pull-ups 1 min off 1 min - Glute-ham Sit-ups 1 min off 1 min of Superman Rocks 1 min off 1 min of Alternating Pistols 1 min off [Repeat for 2 Rounds - post reps to leaderboard] Coaches can stagger athletes start times or place them on different stations to start. Enjoy. Take Note - This is the last Long Weekend of Summer - Class Schedule is as follows: Saturday, September 5th - One Class - 10am Monday, September 7th - Classes at 7:30am and 6pm.