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Death by 2000m

Inspired from the Workout "Dead man's Row" at the sectional competition at Crossfit Central early this year. "Death by 2000m" 2000m Row then immediately complete 5 Rounds of: - 5 Handstand Pushups - 5 Ring Dips - 5 Pushups (chest to deck) Please work heats into classes larger than 8 people as a couple of the rowers are currently down. The Handstand Push-up Progression shall be in the band inverted under the pull-up bars. Abmats are progressions unless your hands are on the 25lbs plates. There's nothing like being tired and upside down. Ring Dips - Biceps must touch the ring for depth then be fully locked out up top. Anyone been to our Local Farmers Market lately?? imageAre there others within 30 minutes that are worth checking out? I'd also love to hear your thoughts on some local places where you've been picking up grass fed meat. Please post so we can amalgamate a thorough list for everyone. Thanks a million. The Vancouver Summer Season East Vancouver, Saturdays, 9am - 2pm North Parking Lot of Trout Lake Park West End, Saturdays, 9am - 2pm 1100 Block of Comox Street Main St Station, Wednesdays, 3pm - 7pm Thornton Park at the VIA Rail Station Kitsilano, Sundays, 10am - 2pm 10th Avenue & Larch Street Riley Park Farmers Market - Riley Park Communtiy Centre Parking Lot 50 East 30th Avenue, Vancouver, V5V 2T9 Wednesday Evenings. Saturday afternoons 12:30 to 5:30 pm, from early June to late October Tbear