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Delicious Boneless Lamb Leg

It takes a village right?  RIGHT?

Well today my contribution to the village is this delicious New Zealand boneless lamb leg.

Now I understand there are fresher and better lamb legs out there... However, I find this product delivers big on value AND flavour.

Depending on size the price ranges from $15-$25 ish. Its been part of our menu for weeks on end.  

It has a light Mediterranean dressing on it that is pretty good by itself. I add a salty rub to it as well because I am a saltaholic.  :-)

I have only been able to find it at the Save-On at Main and 13th.  There are other good lamb options in the same freezer. 

Its great on the BBQ.  The fat chars up very nicely.  Its not perfectly uniform so cooking it like a steak can be difficult if you want a consistent result.  Personally I am fine with the ends being well done and crunchy. 

I've been BBQing about 4 minutes per side on medium to high heat then leave it on indirect heat for about 6 minutes.  This produces a nice medium to medium rare result depending on the thickness of the morsel. 

When finished cover it in tin foil on a cutting board for 10 minutes.  Then you can just slice it up on the board and GET AFTER IT!!

Pan roasting/frying works great as well. 

One of the best elements of cooking this delectable piece of flesh is LAMB SANDWICHES THE NEXT DAY!!!  So good.  Slice it up thinly and warm in a pan.  You can even turn up the heat and make the lamb crispy.  Toast some sourdough and add your favourite toppings.  I've been going with arugula, tomato, pickles, havarti and gobs (and gobs) of mayonnaise.  :-)

Enjoy and please lets us know how it goes.