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Delirious - But Relieved - Canada has their 1st Homeland Gold

imageI hope your all enjoying the festivities in and around the Olympics. I know I can't stop watching all of it go down on 4 different channels. Get outside to check out Robson Square, all the party tents and don't miss the 10:30 fireworks at David Lam. So Cool. This week (as promised last Wednesday) I'll unveil more additional training for those looking to improve their gymnastic skills over the next 6 weeks. Equally important will be a focus on safe range of motion. Get ready to go deep on some squats this week. And I challenge you all to perfect that overhead lockout position as well. The coaches will be watching. Monday "Mary Tweaked" 5 HSPU 10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups 20 Pistols (10 per side) AMRAP in 20mins A great article from Steve Carter on pistols can be found at PowerAthletesMag. For those of you suffering on those HSPU's, jump back in the bands this week and knock off your best efforts. Try to have a little more midline tightness (ie hollow) rather than resting on a big arched lazy back. All the best! TBear