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MadLab Development Program

MadLab Development Program

Get to know “DP” at Madlab School of Fitness.

DP is an inclusive training program for people who are looking to take a more systematic approach to their fitness. Much like Madlab School’s standard programming, DP uses six week cycles to practice specific skills and to increase various lifting numbers.

The difference?

When attempting to increase a max lift, or improve a gymnastic movement, the first thing needed is an appropriate amount of time. Fitting in general and specific warm ups, one or two strength sessions incorporated with specific accessory work, and organizing an appropriate cardiovascular stimulus is incredibly difficult to squeeze into a one hour training window. For this reason, DP training sessions are generally two hours in length.

DP training sessions are also guided by a coach who prescribes and tailors the program to suit the needs of everyone involved. DP has athletes who are experienced in strength and conditioning and others who are used to the idea of exercise but new to the idea of training.

There is an expected amount of knowledge required before this style of training can be truly effective. Exposures to basic barbell movements (squat, deadlift and press) are expected, as well as an understanding of weightlifting (snatch and clean & jerk). A basic cardiovascular level is also recommended.

The most important prerequisites for DP are the ability to be coached and to have trust in a coach. Progress is a winding road full of hills and valleys. Having faith that the coach has a plan is crucial when attempting to grow and develop as an athlete. Having like-minded training partners, an increased commitment level, and a coach to keep you accountable is the essence of DP.

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