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Devin Glage Testimonial: A beneficiary of CrossFit Vancouver’s business mentorship program

image 26-year-old Devin ‘Big Red’ Glage opened Raw CrossFit in the small town of Penetanguishene, Ontario, in August, 2009. Located a couple hours north of Toronto, Glage currently has 121 members and five coaches working for him. Not bad considering the population of Penetanguishene is just 6,300. Glage stumbled across CrossFit accidently. After studying psychology in university, Glage didn’t know what to do with his degree. He came to Vancouver to tree plant, but soon found CrossFit Vancouver, and became addicted to the sport. “When I met Patty, he kind of threw his knuckles up in the air and put his arm around me. He has a bit of the big brother thing going. I’ve been trying to do that with my clients. And I’ve been trying to teach my coaches this too,” he said. More than anything, Glage said CrossFit Vancouver’s business mentorship program, (Executive Diploma Program) and specifically Patterson’s advice, taught him important skills he continues to use in his business today, the main ones being about relationship and community building. “It’s hard to teach people how to interact with people, but when you see it you can learn it from them,” he added. “Knowing what buttons to push with certain people - it’s something that only comes with experience, something you can’t learn at a weekend coaching course,” said Glage. “As new business owner, you can’t predict what’s going to happen to your business. But all the milestones Patty predicted have come true, so he’s been really helpful to get me through it. One of the hurdles Glage had to overcome was figuring out how to hire good coaches so he wouldn’t have to work as many hours. “At one point, I was working 18 hours a day. I did this for four months straight,” said Glage. So Glage turned to Patty for advice. Fast forward a few months - Glage has five coaches he trusts working for him. “It has worked out really well,” he said. “I definitely wouldn’t have had this quick of success without the business mentorship program,” said Glage. Warm up: 21 overhead lunges with a 45/25lb plate 15 hollow rock 9 push up Tech: wrist & shoulder mobility/ mid floor handstand Partner up and do as many attempts as time permits to hold a mid floor handstand for as long as possible (add in seconds to your workout score and post to leader board). Those that don't have a mid floor handstand, work on progressions. A.M.R.A.P. in 20min of: 3 H-S-P-U 4 L-pull ups 5 Ring dips 6 alternating pistols