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Disassociation Planks For An Effective Golf Swing

If we want to swing the golf club effectively then we must disassociate our upper and lower body both in the back swing and the down swing.  Starting moving your hips at the same time as your shoulders is a big no no.  There needs to be lag.

Check out Michelle Wei in the above picture.  Her shoulders are rotated way past her hips. 

Practicing this disassociation will allow you to summon this crucial characteristic of the golf swing more often on the course.

So here is a simple drill for you to practice wherever/whenever you can.  Its named a disassociation plank. 

Check out this TPI Golf Fitness video featuring Jason Glass explaining what a disassociation plank is and how to perform one.

Say 3 sets of 6 and 6 reps each direction.  This would be great for you even if you don't golf as most sports require rotation. 

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Happy Swinging!