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Dispelling the Charlie Palmer reputation

Once upon a time, Charlie Palmer slept in until 2 pm, strolled into CrossFit at 4 or 5 pm, coached for a few hours, went home, smoked a joint and called it a day. His reputation precedes him. But his reputation is now a fallacy. For the last 6 months, Charlie Palmer has been arriving at CrossFit at Charlie Palmer's newfound crack of dawn (9 or 10 am) and working out with his buddy Fred. The proof is in the scale...and in this picture. Here's a sweaty post-workout Palmer this morning! image Keep up the hard work. Wednesday's WOD: Warm-up: 3 rounds (do each round faster than the previous): 10 Burpees 15 GH Sit-ups 20 Box Jumps 25 Squats Tech: L-Transition on a muscle up: Bilbo Baggins explains the L-transition in this video. Try both of these: WOD: Nate's female friend Nat: Rounds in 15 minutes: 3 Muscle Ups (progression is 3 pull ups, 3 dips) 6 HSPU 9 KB Swings (Black/Red)