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Do not fear this workout it will be the best thing for you!

Last Wednesday at CFV it was soooooo mellow, the tumbleweed flowed on through instead of the majority of our students and why......Hill Sprints were the WOD! It was so sad to see so many people take that day off. Firstly the Hill Sprints are so fun and secondly running is so important! It is in many of our core WODS and we gain so much cardiovascular endurance from this. Please do not hide away just because the WOD is running It will help you in more ways than you know! Warm Up & Tech: Agility Ladder and Pose Running WOD: Run my Pretties Run 400m Run 90 Secs rest 8 Rounds Remember to smile it helps to relax during these runs :) Your score is all your times added together (minus the rest) Now for all of you with Iphones check this website out: Have fun Kids Dash