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Do You Live in Fear?

Vancouver is one of the safer cities in the world and yet many people live in fear of violence.  And others walk around with blinders on, targets waiting for a predator to notice them. I know which one I think is worse but really neither one is a good way to live your life. The Blauer Tactical Personal Defense Readiness Seminar is designed to deliver in 7 short hours the tools and mindset you need to live safely without fear of physical violence. This is NOT a fighting course.  Yes, we will deal with surviving an aggressive encounter but our goal is to make that scenario as unlikely as possible. I will be leading the seminar with the support of my friends at the Canadian Personal Defense Institute. We are the first certified Blauer Tactical Coaches in BC and besides our various martial arts training backgrounds and experience our team has attended a combined 21 Blauer Tactical Training seminars including 17 instructor-level courses. This will not be like any self defense course you have seen previously, no wrist locks, groin strikes or eye pokes. This is a scientific system based on human behaviour, emotion, psychology and physiology. It is this rigourous approach that has made Blauer Tactical Systems popular with CrossFitters around the world including Coach Glassman who is often keynote speaker at instructor level BTS courses. Whether you think you can or can't fight, you already have the tools you need to defend yourself from violence. We will show you how to access them. Blauer Tactical Personal Defense Readiness Seminar @ CFV Sunday March 25th 10am to 5pm $120 per person.  Space limited to 20 participants. Spaces must be purchased in advance and are transferrable but not refundable. Good value for your peace of mind!
Warm Up: Agility Ladder Tech: warm up with light weights then add weight every round Back Squat 3-3-2-2-1-1 Shoulder Press 3-3-2-2-1-1 WOD: Quick Hit 3 Rounds 300m Row 20 Wall Balls (12/14/20) 10 Pull Ups