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Rest Days From Paris

Words from coach Emily.


In my 11 years of coaching, I have witnessed that once folks start to see big results with us, they start to come in more. And more. And more. They start doing extra work after class, and sometimes before class. Soon they're coming seven days a week

Sometimes it gets to the point that the thought of taking a rest day causes anxiety. Either you feel you need to workout to feel good emotionally, or you feel somehow guilty for taking a day off. Trust me, I know firsthand.

While I have always been OK at taking one rest day a week, and now more like two full rest days a week, the thought of taking a week off, or TWO WEEKS OFF, is pure craziness to me!

On vacation, and even while injured, I don't think I have ever taken a full week off (except maybe my infamous foot-running-over incident three years ago). Even after Achilles surgery, I remember doing push-ups and hollow rocks etc in my living room after just a couple days post-surgery.

I'm currently in Paris and am then off to southern France for a week. The hotel here said they had a gym, and I had fully intended on going there every other day, but when we got here the gym was closed due to the pandemic. Arriving at our room, I discovered we have a big suite, where I could easily do push-ups and burpees and V-sits and lunges etc, and this gave me a wave of relief.

But then I stepped back for a minute and thought: Do I really even want to workout this week? What would taking the entire week off look like? Feel like? 

I had some minor anxiety at the thought, but then I was able to let it go. I also realized I have had a bit of a nagging shoulder thing going on for the last couple of months, and it would probably be good for me to take some time for it to completely heal. 

Alas, here begins Emily's first Two Week Workout-Free Vacation. I am committed. Not a single burpee, not a single push-up. My only source of exercise will be walking.

So far, so good. I logged 10 km yesterday wandering the streets of Paris and will probably do the same today.

The point:  

Rest is important, both physically and mentally. It's OK to skip a workout. And it's OK to skip a week of workouts here and there.