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Does Crossfit make you drink more?

image Does exercise make you drink more alcohol? I read this and thought........ maybe I do drink more than 5 years ago? I know I definitely workout to counter the effects of the weekend. Maybe Crossfitters like to go hard at everything they do???? I know many who drink more as they grow older....or is it just the alcoholics as the disease progresses? Well I definitely don't drink as much as I did in college, but I then again I don't get laid as much either. So maybe that one can be chalked up to youthful vigour and stupidity? Although I am still pretty stupid. smile Do you drink more or less since you started at CF Van?? Friday Lesson Plan: Warm up & tech: Glute ham sit ups, back extensions, Glute Ham raises get 20-30 of each WOD: The Hawk (partner style) 400m run max pushups , Pushups in 20 min One partner runs and does max pushups, then the other goes