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Don’t let your vacation get the best of your hard-earned diet routine

“That’s all a vacation is. Just us eating in a place we’ve never been.” - Comedian Jim Gaffigan

It’s true: Sometimes it seems like all we do on vacation is eat. One meal is done, and we’re already chatting about where we’re going to go for dinner.

“Why don’t we eat something…then go and see that thing we’re supposed to see…they probably got a snack bar there, right? And after that we should probably go and get something to eat, though.”

And alas, you come home and your hard work goes down the drain…

While we don’t encourage you to be the socially awkward guy in the corner who eats so cleanly he can’t go to a restaurant and order a meal with a group, we also don’t want to see your three-week summer vacation turn into the biggest binge of your life. You deserve a vacation, and deserve to enjoy delicious foods and drinks while you’re there, but there are ways to mitigate the damage.

Here are some tips to stay healthy on your summer vacation:

7. Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen

Find accommodations with a kitchen, so at the very least you can make a healthy breakfast at home. It’s also great to be able to keep other healthy snacks and lunch food in the fridge. This means at least 70 percent of your regular diet can stay intact while you’re away.

6. Drink your carbs

If you’re drinking more than normal on vacation, ensure to include those calories into your daily consumption. There’s usually lots of sugar in drinks, so cut back on other carbs to make room for the wine and cocktails.

5. Keep your routine

Often what happens on vacation is your schedule gets thrown. If you’re usually a five small meals a day person, suddenly you find yourself stuffing your face three times a day, shocking your system in the process. Bring food with you wherever you go during the day if you’re a regular grazer to avoid finding yourself hungrier than normal come official meal time.

4. One meal out per day

In line with having a kitchen, try to limit your meals out to once a day. Even if you go to the healthiest restaurant, people tend to eat more when they’re out.

3. NorCal Margarita

Patented by nutrition expert, author Robb Wolf, the NorCal Margarita is a “healthier” drink option to help you avoid pumping your body full of sugary drinks. The recipe:

• 2 shots tequila

• Juice from one lime

• Splash of club soda

• Ice

• Salt glass rim

2. Keep Working out!

Take some well-deserved rest days, but try to hit a workout here and there. First thing in the morning seems to be best, before you find yourself day drinking at the beach. Working out usually helps us make better meal choices, too.

1. Avoid Buffets

Enough said.

Have fun, indulge, but come home healthy.