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Donate Your Blood!

Over the last year there has been a widespread shortage of blood donation in Canada. 

Summer is a particularly difficult time as people are away on vacation and such.

CTV News released an informative article in August about the crisis.  Please read it here.

“Giving blood is a lifesaving habit that will make a real difference in a stranger’s life,” Rick Prinzen, Canadian Blood Services’ chief supply chain officer, said Monday in a statement. “If every donor brings a friend to donate, or encourages others to give life, they can have a tremendous impact on the supply system.”

If you are wondering where to donate you can go to the Canadian Blood Services website and do a search for the nearest clinic.  Click here to search for a clinic

Not sure you can donate?  Click here to read the eligibility requirements.

There are some recent changes to these requirements.  Click here for a summary of these changes.  

Okey Dokey!  Now you are well informed.  Please get out there and donate!  Bring a friend or 3.  :-)