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Don’t be a little Nancy!!!

Happy Monday crew, summers on its way out & fall is creeping in so lets play outside as much as possible this week since today is the last day of summer. No reason to get fat. The Paleo challenge is coming soon and it's not like were bears about to hibernate so lets get on it! Warm up: 22 Turkish get ups (20/35lbs) "11 each arm" Tech: start light and work on mid line core stability with the over head squat. Make sure you go deep enough and fully stand tall at the top keep active shoulders and lets not forget to warm up our wrists! O.H.S. (3,3,3) Work out: Nancy. 5 rounds of 400m run 15 O.H.S.(95/65lbs) for time of course! Ps stand tall at the top to full extension!! Don't short'em like in this vid. Charlie