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Don't Call it a Resolution - PLEASE NOTE CLASSES ARE BACK TO NORMAL!!!!

Not everyone likes New Year's resolutions. Maybe you prefer to call it a goal. I'm sure I'm not alone in finding CF WODs more than a little intimidating. That fear and discomfort is how I know that I am still growing as a human being. The discipline of CrossFit is becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, not just in your training but in your life! The fear never seems to go away, you just get used to showing up despite it. If you feel safe and secure inside your comfort zone, you have stopped growing. So goals and resolutions should serve to take you someplace that at the very least makes you slightly nervous, if not all the way crap-your-pants freaking out. In 2012 I'm undertaking to shake things up in a big way. How about you? What scares you? What kinds of goals/resolutions are you committing to this year? Stretch yourself and post them to comments. A couple months ago morning class veteran OddSocks left us but this month she is making her CrossFit return. And this is the inspirational video she sent me. Maybe it's all the inspiration you need. Warm Up: 3 Rounds 12 Overhead Lunges (10/25lb plates) 6 Pull Ups Tech: Overhead Squat WOD: 15 Rep OHS What is your heaviest 15 rep OHS? Take as many attempts as time allows. Need some inspiration? Check out Nicole Carroll: