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Don't Fear Nutts Cup

It has come to our attention that many of you are slightly fearful, apprehensive, intimidated etc about putting a team together and throwing down at this year's Nutts Cup.

Listen up: Nutts Cup is for everyone!

OK, to be honest, there are some unwritten standards: You should be able to do a pull-up, for example. But you do not need to be able to do a muscle-up and do not need a 165 lb. clean as a female to compete at Nutts Cup. If you competed at Festivus—Erin, Jocelyne, Cari, Natasha, Marin, Kim the list goes on... You are perfectly capable of Nutts Cup.

Will movements like muscle-ups show up at Nutts Cup? Most likely, but workouts are designed in a way that you can be used elsewhere on that workout. And if need be, things can be scaled. Each year, we tend to have a couple teams who need to scale certain portions of workouts. No big deal.

In fact, it's YOU guys we WANT competing! Nutts Cup was always designed to be an inclusive event, and yes we like getting Regional-level athletes to our event, but we also want you. What can I say: We want it all. 

So put your little fears aside and put together a team of three (minimum 1 female) and take part in the greatest day at MadLab each year!

Registration opens on July 26th.  Check out the Facebook Event's Page for more details.