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Double Unders and Running

There is a CrossFit HQ Gymnastics Certification at the gym this weekend. Jeff Tucker and friends are coming to town to teach us a thing or two. Morning classes will be canceled on Saturday. We are hoping to host a Saturday day workout though. Probably closer to 12 pm. We've had a couple great lifting days this week. A giant workout in "Tyler" and a play day with gymnastics. Now it's time for a good old fashion conditioning day. Friday's WOD: We will be doing a couplet of workouts. Workout #1: Max Double Unders in 10 minutes. Rest and recover. Workout #2: 400m run x 4 (3 Minutes rest between). Score for the day will be the total amount of time you spent running in seconds minus your double under score. If there are not enough ropes for a larger class just split them into 2 groups. Half can run while the other half skips. Check out Buddy Lee in this video. His demo is crazy. Also observe the lady in pink doing her double unders. She is very calm and poised. You have to be like the eye of the hurricane - Not the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. image Cheers! The Shepherd