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Dr Luc Van Loon and His 4 Laws of Muscle

Its always great to come across new research that seems to rhyme with your personal beliefs.  I understand this is the definition of "Confirmation Bias". However, I will trust the rigors of academic review in this instance.

Dr Luc Van Loon of Maastricht University in The Netherlands is blazing a trail in the jungle of muscle and nutrition.  I came across his name and his 4 laws in this article from Outside Magazine

"Over the past decade and a half, Van Loon has emerged as one of the world’s most rigorous and innovative researchers on the intricacies of how we build muscle. But he has now come to believe that, from a health perspective, how we lose muscle is at least as important."

“I usually put this in more obscene language,” Van Loon says, “but you can mess up a lot more in one week than you can improve in six months of training.”


Here are his 4 Laws of Muscle:

1.  You are what you just ate.

  • "We break down and rebuild 1 to 2 percent of our muscle each day, meaning that you completely rebuild yourself every two to three months."

2.  If you exercise first, you are more of what you just ate.

  • "The best way to augment protein’s muscle-signaling capacity is simple: Exercise before you eat, and your muscles become more sensitive to protein’s signals."

3.  If you are inactive you are less of what you just ate.

  • "Van Loon’s bed-rest study piqued his interest in the rapid and devastating effects of inactivity, particularly in hospital settings, where people are often confined to bed for five to seven days."

4.  Chew your food (seems to be a recurrent theme these days).

  • Check out the "Glowing Cow Study" in the article.


Please give the article a read.  Maybe you'll find some piece of information that motivates you to better time your meals or get off the couch.  :-)