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Growth Through Adaptation

Coach Tom shares some insight into how Madlab is growing through forced adaptation.


Being able to adapt is a skill.

What makes adaptability a unique skill is that you are forced to practice it rather than actually seeking it out. Sometimes we are forced to adapt to schedules, people or tasks. On rare occasions, we are forced to adapt to larger-scale things such as surroundings, ways of life and realities.

We at Madlab School of Fitness, along with everyone else globally have been forced to adapt to the ever-changing landscape over the last three months.

As a business, there is something to gain here from the adaptation we have been forced to do, and maybe that gain is simply learning we are better at adapting than one might have initially thought. 

Being forced to pivot and change how we offer our services has created more conversation and even more brainstorming about how we can better serve our clients in the future. It has sparked sessions where we talk about what we want to achieve as coaches and what we want our clients to achieve through their Madlab experience. It has opened the doors to new services and new potentials that would have never been discussed if we had never been forced to adapt.

There are things in the works and ideas that are being brought to life.

Things such as how to offer a better in-person program, how to reach a larger audience with our message, and how to encourage people to commit to playing the long game and to invest in their own physical well being. We want to offer the opportunity for more people to use the services we know can benefit their lives.

Services such as mobility programming, cardio and endurance training, golf fitness training, at-home remote programming and nutrition and food awareness coaching.

Our mission is to expand how we offer our professional coaching services to not only our local community but also to people all over the world with the intention of creating healthy, active and adaptable humans beings. 

Because after all, a more adaptable human being is a more versatile human being.