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Dude Award Finalist are IN: Vote for one of them to be crowned the DUDE tomorrow!

Drum. Roll. Please.

After two days of voting, the results are in. Your THREE finalists—aka POTENTIAL DUDES—are:

3. No Surprise CHESTY...again!

I'm pretty sure Chesty has been a Dude Award finalist EVERY SINGLE YEAR since has been with us. Mr. Consistency in the gym and in life, it's no surprise he consistently ends up in the top three, but he never does seem to have that extra "Je ne sais quois" to seal the mother f*** deal! Could this finally be his year? Maybe his popular mobility classes will be enough to put him over the edge. Then again, they might be what stops him from becoming the Dude this year: Too many shoulder flexion reps and CARS, perhaps?

2. Huge Surprise EUNICE

Last year, Patty pointed out—ever so nicely—that in 8 years of voting Eunice had never once received a single vote for the Dude. So maybe her getting into the top three was just out of pitty? Or maybe she's only here because it was the lowest voter turn-out year to date? Or maybe it's her MadMeals that have rejuvenated the love for Eunice this year? People are hungry and want to keep her motivated to cook? Either way, she won't be able to sneak out early from the after-BBQ this year...

1. Darcy!

Not at all a surprise, there isn't a single person on the planet who couldn't like being around Darcy. Inclusive, non-judgmental, she really does possess the qualities the Dude is supposed to be all about. She's constantly bringing people together in our community and opening her home for gatherings. Work hard, party hard, this girl can do. On top of that, she has found LOVE in the community (pretty sure Darcy and Young would also win the couple of the year award, too). And, and, and, she is a shark for bringing others into our community. Tom counted 8 clients off the top of his head that he has picked up because of Darcy in the last couple years. In short, Darcy helps our community, and Darcy helps those around her be better. Dude!

Vote now RIGHT HERE for who you think should win the Dude Award this year: Chesty, Eunice or Darcy?