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Buckle down, progress isn't easy.

Progress isn't always easy, but then you didn't expect it to be.

Hard work doesn't scare you.

You're tough.

Doing what's 'hard' in training can mean different things, and all of them are important depending on the occasion.

Hard often means going heavier than ever.

Hard often means doing more reps than ever.

It can mean pushing closer to failure and hurting more.

But sometimes 'hard' is just getting in and doing the work... and it's not all intense all the time, and it can even be boring.

And on occasion, especially for the super motivated, 'hard' can mean taking it easier when you NEED to, but don't WANT to.

Three cheers to training hard, in all of its forms, for the best result.

- Dr. Mike Israetel of jtsstrength