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Early Extension and TPI Golf Fitness

Coach Sheppy speaks on an early extension in the golf swing.


Essentially it's not staying in your posture throughout the back and downswing and through impact.  Standing up too early gets the body too far over the hips and in the way of the hands and the club. 

As a result you will make ineffectual compensations which will usually result in poor contact.  Poor contact can result in a loss of distance or you being in the trees.  No fun.

So here we have 3 world-class golfers - Jimmy Walker left - Dustin Johnson center - Justin James right (World Long Drive Champion).

Notice Dustin and Justin both keep their butts on the dotted line.  This facilitates many preferable positions and outcomes.  Jimmy moves his hips off the line and forwards towards the ball.  He manages to hit the ball well but he certainly doesn't hit it like DJ. 

Early extension kills your centripetal force.  That is the outward force you create by rotation.  Have a look at this hammer thrower in his rotations before the release.  He keeps his knee and hip bent so he can rotate harder and remain balanced in order to generate maximum power, THEN he extends his knees and hips for the release.  This requires the right kind of mobility and strength.  This is what you need to swing your golf club effectively.

Now, this could be happening because you are not focusing on your posture... Or you are too much in a hurry to stand up... Or perhaps you saw a squirrel. 

Or... This could be happening due to the physical limitations of your body. 

The good news is all of these causes are fixable (except the squirrels!).


Dave Phillips is "The Man" at The Titleist Performance Institute.  He explains early extension beautifully in this video.

With TPI Golf Fitness we will test for and work to fix and strengthen the physical limitations that cause the various swing faults.  The Body Swing Connection is a very important piece of golf fitness and swing puzzle.

What are some of these physical limitations?

  • Inability to do a deep squat or a full hip bend (touch your toes) will impair your ability to hold your posture
  • Tightness in the lead hip will prevent rotation and encourage lateral and upward movement
  • Inability to disassociate the hips from the torso
  • Poor glute and core strength in order to drive the pelvis into the correct movement
  • Tightness in the ankles (maybe an old injury)

Of course, this is not the only swing fault that could be caused by physical limitations.  Do you think you may have others?

Don't have any physical limitations?  Well, then I can make you stronger so you can withstand the rigours of a busy golf season without getting injured (and hit it further). 


Your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you have - Invest in it accordingly. 

If you are interested in learning more about TPI Golf Fitness please contact Chris Saini at


Happy Swinging!!