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Eating Fat does not make you “Fat”-Machine Madness Day 3

Time to work on those muscleups and clean and jerks, but rather than doing a straight Zoe or Grace we are going to combine the two together providing for forced breaks in both the muscle ups and clean and jerks in theory allowing for better technique and giving a different type of hit. The Grace Zoe Mash-up works like this: 5 rounds of: 6 muscle ups 6 Clean and Jerks-135lbs for guys, 85lbs for girls. Rules: Muscleups-I would rather you struggle to get as many muscle ups in as you can before heading to the rings, but if you are no where close on the muscle up front the progression is going to be 3 deep ring rings (holding it at the bottom of the ring dip for 3 seconds-use a box if you do not have your own ring dips) and 3 false grip pullups on the rings supporting your body weight in the false grip for 3 seconds). Clean and Jerks-the rule here is really ground to overhead, so how ever you can get it there is legal, however it would be a great chance to work on your proper clean and jerk form. Scale the weights as needed. Bigger classes will run out of ring space, but the rounds are pretty short and deep ring dips and false grip pullups are using muscles that do not get used very often so taking turns will not be such a bad thing smile On a side note, had a body fat assessment done today and considering my last assessment was from 7 months ago just before I started focusing on Olympic Weightlifing and switching my diet from the zone to a high protein/fat diet had some interesting results. Check it out.