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Enter to win the Christmas Wine Raffle!

We used to do this at Nutts Cup, but we figured what better time to stock up on wine than with Christmas just around the corner.

How it works:

1. Bring a bottle of wine and place it in one of the boxes at the entrance

2. WRITE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME on the bottle. Make sure it's legible, as this will be your ticket to the grand prize to win all of the wine we gather in the next three weeks (While we're not going to set a minimum wine price, remember your name will be on the bottle, so whoever wins is going to know you were the cheapo who bought the $8.99 Yellow Tail...just saying...)...

3. The draw will take place at our Christmas Party/MadLab tournament final on Friday, November 30th after the competition ends.

T'is the season to be jolly and win some wine....let's try to get 100 bottles to raffle off!