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Prehab/Rehab Success

Erin Sherwood - MadLab Prehab/Rehab Success

Erin Sherwood - Madlab School of Fitness Vancouver
I started seeing CJ just over 2.5 years ago when I joined MadLab School of Fitness.  CJ has been instrumental in getting my body back to its normal working capacity when I have over done it at work, the gym or just with life in general.  My experiences with RMT's have always been positive, however CJ is the first RMT who actually works through my muscle tension.  While this may make for a not so relaxing massage at times, I come away actually seeing and feeling the benefits.  CJ takes the time at every appointment to do a thorough assessment asking questions and evaluating my body to see where the problem is and will often give me exercises to do independently to prevent further injury and build strength.  Always a professional, CJ is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an RMT who genuinely cares about their practice and clients equall