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Every Choice Can Matter - It's Your Choice

There has been a running joke amongst me and some of the guys in DP over the last few months. The new mantra we have been joking around with is "Every choice is getting you better or worse."

Like in any joke there is some humour and some truth to it. 

The humour in our running joke is that although your shoes might match your socks which also matches your tank top, nothing about wearing a colour co-ordinated outfit can make you a better person or make you get more out of your training that day. 

The truth in the joke though comes from the saying "look good, feel good." And if it's true that when you look good, you feel good, then I would assume you are more likely to be good. 

The joke often occurs more outside of the gym walls. If we are watching football or out for dinner, and perhaps one of us orders another drink or a side of poutine, one of us will chime in and make the joke, "every choice is getting you better or worse". Implying the poutine or drink is perhaps making you worse rather than better. 

Now keep in mind, this is a joke amongst friends, but although no one takes it too seriously, it does make one think more about their decision making and how one goes about said decision making. 

Is the extra drink really helping you? If yes, then great. 

Is the side poutine aiding in your performance goals? If yes, then wonderful. 

Is staying up late to watch the end of Gladiator, a movie you have seen over a dozen times helping you in your recovery? If yes, then by all means stay up late. (This is one I am guilty of at least three times per year, and it does not help me to stay up late but I love the movie!)

The point I want to get across with this post is every choice, big or small, has the ability to have a larger impact on any aspect of your life whether it is personal, fitness, financial or family related. Often a series of small choices in concession are far more impactful than that one huge decision you spent days or weeks analyzing. 

All I want you to guys to consider is are you choices making you better, or are they perhaps making you worse?