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Every Day Can't be a Test Day

Pick a very physically demanding sport....say hockey, rugby, or wrestling for example. Now imagine we played the game at 100% intensity. Now imagine doing that 300 days straight........or maybe even 5 days out of seven for years on end with out a break. No practice 100% game time effort. What would happen to your health???? You would be F@#ked. You would not want to play Hockey ever again. The cortisol dump would be enormous. The reason i say this is that we have many people in our community (CFV and the greater Cf community) doing this with Crossfit and Crossfit is a hell of a more potent wallop than any sport. It is ok to come in and go at 85% some of the time. You are not a pussy because of it. It is what is required sometimes You probably also want to take an entire week off every few months. Burn out is a real concern. Tuesday's lesson Plan: Warm up: 50 dowel clean and jerks Tech: hang power clean, Push jerk WOD: 3 hang power cleans & push jerk Every minute on minute for 10 minutes leader board = heaviest weight completed Not completed = 0 patty