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Executive Diploma Course This Weekend - Weekend Double Post

WEEKEND SCHEDULE UPDATE: THERE IS AN EXECUTIVE TRAINING COURSE THIS WEEKEND - THE ONLY CLASSES WILL BE SATURDAY AT 9AM AND SUNDAY AT 1PM. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME AND RECEIVE SOME FREE COACHING, THERE WILL BE TECHNIQUE SESSIONS AS PART OF THE SEMINAR ON SATURDAY FROM 2PM-3:45PM AND SUNDAY FROM 11AM-1PM. STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO DROP IN AND GET SOME INSTRUCTION FROM OUR COACHES DURING THESE TIMES. EMAIL DASH@CROSSFIT.CA FOR MORE DETAILS. THE GYM IS CLOSED OTHER THAN THESE TIMES. Coming up next weekend, the Crossfit Endurance team is coming to town to offer their Endurance Certification course. It's great, check it out! Click here to register for this amazing weekend. If you have any questions about the above seminar feel free to contact Dan: This legendary track coach (Jack Daniels!) seems to get it. I like to hear him say that we now understand that children can and perhaps should do resistance training.

Watch more video of Saucony Thirsty Thursdays with Jack Daniels on

And finally, without further adieu, the plan for classes this weekend!
"Team Badger" 5 Rounds for time of: 30 Squat Cleans (95/65 lbs.) 30 Pullups 800 m run Split it up however you want, only one person works at a time. No leaderboard today.
"Crossfit Football Total" 3 tries of each to establish: 1RM Power Clean 1RM Backsquat 1RM Bench Press 1RM Deadlift You must finish this all in one hour. Show up and warmup outside the gym and get ready to go. Warmup movements as necessary, but you only get 3 attempts at maximal lifts. Leaderboard is the sum of your 1RM for all 4 movements. Hope you all enjoyed the week! No one but Bus has cursed me out to my knowledge yet, so I'm hoping that's a good thing. Enjoy the weekend! Dan / Afghan / Tiny Dancer / occasionally Private Dancer =)