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Exercise Car

The Human Car is an exercise-enabled vehicle, it is possible for one, two, three or four people to operate the bi-directional human-power interface. Alternatively, a single operator may operate the vehicle in electric power mode only – or any combination of human and electric power can be used. Prototypes have gotten up to 96 km/h! Cost $15000. image WOD: Mad Dash 10m Sprint 15m Sprint 20m Sprint Rest approx 6 mins 5 Rounds Run in Heats Score = average time from 5 rounds I expect this will take most of the class but even with large classes the 6 minute rest should allow time for everyone to cycle through in heats Layout cones at 10m, 15m and 20m (length of gym) in the gym. Runners run to 10m mark and back, then to 15m and back then 20m and back. I prefer runners touch floor at each turn around point. Corey