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Exercise Science Seminar, Saturday October 16

There are 10 chemical reactions that take place in the transformation of one 10-carbon molecule of glucose into two 5-carbon molecules of pyruvate. If you knew these 10 steps – would it make you a better CrossFitter or CrossFit trainer? I doubt it. However, you do need to know the basics of how humans produce energy and how to train people and yourself in the three energy systems. CrossFit trains across time and modal domains and therefore an understanding of how we produce energy for a 5-second max effort versus a 30-minute effort is important. And how to set up work to rest intervals for such work. image Similarly, do you know what an eccentric contraction is and why a hard set of Tabata squats can cause so much muscle soreness? Do you know the mechanics of kipping pull-ups? Do you know what shear stress is and why it is potentially so damaging to joints? This CrossFit Science seminar is designed to answer these questions without unnecessary detail. It will focus on the correct explanation that you can provide to your clients but it will not overload you with jargon and unnecessary detail. Above all else it is designed to answer those nagging questions you have – no not the one about how the refrigerator light comes on when you open the door – the questions you have about why CrossFit is so effective. Therefore, I would like people to e-mail me those questions. We have developed the curriculum and planned things out for a great day. However, maybe we missed a burning question that many of the seminar participants have. If I can get a “heads-up” on these questions this week I can better prepare my responses (and hand outs). So feel free to e-mail me, Tony Leyland, at with any questions you might have. The Seminar is on Saturday October 16 and starts at 9 am. We will wrap up by 4 pm with a workout in the middle. Please email Shep if you would like to attend. Hope you can make it! grin