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Tom "Cooking" with the Instapot

I recently bought myself a pressure cooker in an attempt to improve my cooking and culinary skills (and to spend less money eating out). 

So far I haven't given myself food poisoning: which is a win in my books. 

The beauty of using a pressure cooker for me is how much faster I can make a decent meal. 15 min of prep time and 60 min in the cooker and I have a solid meal with leftovers for at least three meals. Definitely a good return in investment as far as time goes. 

It can be easy for me to get lazy and simply pick up food after I leave the gym every night, and seeing as I usually don't get home until 9:00 most evenings, my excuse is typically lack of time (this is a shit excuse by the way). Of late, having the Instapot as made it much less rational for me to pick up food from the drive or whole foods. 

So, if time is of the essence and you can't remember the last meal you made at home consider investing in some sort of pressure cooker. 

Coach Tom.