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Proper external rotation of your trail shoulder in the golf swing can really help your swing

What the heck is external rotation of the shoulder in the golf swing mean?

Well if you are an efficient swinger of the golf club then you probably make this position nicely.  For ease's sake it looks like this:

In TPI Golf Fitness we believe that there are many effective ways to swing a golf club. Everyone of these effective swings has one thing in common... An efficient kinematic sequence.

Weight Shift > Hips > Torso > Shoulders > Arms > Club

In order to execute this sequence one must hold the trail shoulder in external rotation during the down swing.  If external rotation is not preserved in the downswing then most commonly the swing will go off plane and voila... you are in the trees instead of the fairway.

Many golfers swing over the top. It is the number 1 amateur swing fault.  Even those that can hold external rotation of the shoulder in the downswing can go over the top.  However, for some the cause of this over the top move is inability to hold external rotation in their trail shoulder.

Here is where TPI Golf Fitness can help you... We have a 15 part movement screen that tests your body's ability to get in good positions to facilitate the kinematic sequence. 

We can test for your ability to externally rotate and if it is poor we can prescribe exercises to improve it. Even if you can externally rotate well we will do exercises to strengthen this position to keep you healthy and swinging effectively.

Here is a great TPI article that discusses the role of the shoulder girdle in the golf swing.

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Hit it high and long!