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Fashion Faux Pas Tuesday: A Dose of HGS

A dose of HGS (Hollywood-Gunnar Syndrome) is going around at the school. I'm bringing it up now in order to nip this one in the bud - if it becomes a full-blown epidemic, who knows what will happen. The Hollywood-Gunnar syndrome is, of course, named after Dave 'Hollywood' and Gunnar, who are often caught promoting huge fashion faux pas: 'The Man Tank Top.' I personally think this should be a flogging offense. Men's upper body garment options while working out should either be T-shirts with sleeves or Shirtless. I don't care how nice your arms are. I say this with love, boys. Hollywood Gunnar Now for something a little more serious: If you're looking for a great read that makes you think, here's an award-winning magazine piece. It's called Keegstra's Children It's a true story that takes place in Alberta about a teacher who was an Anti-Semite and a Holocaust Denier. He successfully managed to win the hearts of his students, who grew up believing Jews are evil. Many of them still believe this. It got me thinking about why we believe the things we do, thinking about how easy it is to convince, manipulate and even brainwash people. Look at Canada's Food Guide. Tons of people believe 10 servings of grain per day is healthy. Can you blame them? Canada's Food Guide was shoved down our throats as we went through school. Either way, this story is a great discussion point. It would be great to hear people's thoughts about this story - like a book club. Tuesday's WOD: Quarter Gone Bad Tech: One Rep Max Thruster WOD: Quarter Gone Bad Five rounds for total reps of: 135/95 pound thruster (15 seconds) Rest 45 Seconds 50/25 pound weighted pull-up (15 seconds) Rest 45 Seconds Burpees (15 seconds) Rest 45 seconds This workout is on our big leaderboard at the school. Can anyone take down any of the all-time scores? - Eunice