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Fashion Faux Pas Week - Monday: Andy needs a new toque

Disclaimer: I realize I might get mocked for being the one to post a Fashion Faux Pas week (I am, after all, the girl who wears bright green leg warmers, and can be witnessed wearing seven or eight different colours at any given time), but I'm doing it anyway. I have thought this for a while: Andy needs a new, less pointy toque. Stay tuned for more Fashion Faux Pas as the week progresses. Monday: Tech: Warm up the WOD movements and figure out an appropriate scale WOD: Taranis Winter Challenge Final WOD: Heavy Barbell Complex I can't stress this enough - Scale this workout accordingly. Choose a weight that will let you finish this workout in 12 minutes or less. At the Taranis competition, many people DNFed this WOD (and these guys and girls were some of the best CrossFitters in the province). The weight will get heavy. FAST. Even Lumber found this to be the case. 5 Rounds of (135/95 lbs) 5 SDHP 5 Clean and Jerks 5 Snatch - Eunice