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Slow and Steady: Does it really burn more fat? How did this Myth come about? What in fact happens in lower intensity exercise? Wondering how come so many people out there still believe in this myth? These are few questions that this article answers. But there is much more to it! Written by our awesome Kinesiology Consultant Tony Leyland (aka The Prof). Tony is a senior lecturer at Simon Fraser University in the School of Kinesiology. "...This article will discuss the commonly held belief that long slow endurance workouts are the best way to lose weight.  If you have tried to talk some friends into CrossFit with the promise of improved body composition (in addition to all the other benefits) you may have heard this typical response. Of course many gyms have graphs up on the wall that are similar to the one shown below so it is understandable that many people harbour this misconception..."   "...So does slow and steady burn more fat?  The correct answer to this question is, as many things in health and fitness, a bit more complex than just giving a simple yes or no answer.  I know you have heard this before but it really does depend on a few things…mainly training intensity and duration of exercise.  Certainly the graph above (which as stated, is often on the walls of “Fitness World” type establishments) gives an inaccurate representation of the true picture..." Click Fat Burnign Zone Myth for full article. Ana.