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MadLab takes on Festivus

Festivus Games - April 22nd

Save the Date: April 22nd! A Day to Cheer on 10 MadLabbers at Festivus!

Festivus—the Games for the Rest of Us—is rapidly approaching, and we have a number of athletes competing.


For those of you who are terrified of competing, Festivus—a competition designed for the everyday fitness enthusiast as opposed to the elite athlete—is a great introduction to putting yourself out there in a competition venue.

And when you chat to some of the MadLab members who are competing at Festivus on April 22nd at Rocky Point CrossFit in Coquitlam, you’ll discover fitness competitions don’t have to be so intimidating, after all. Our athletes are mostly competing for fun, for the personal physical and mental challenge, to enjoy sweating with others, and because it pushes them to work hard in the gym each week.

This is certainly the case for Kimpossible. Fresh off a MadLab banner last fall, this will be Kim’s second time competing at the Festivus Games, although her first individual competition.

“I enjoy pushing myself, and I find signing up for a competition is a great way to motivate me and give me a goal or two to work on,” she said.

Marin Barley will be joining Kim and signed up because Kari, who is also competing, pressured her into it, she said. But she’s glad she did. Since signing up in December, Marin said she has been more motivated than ever to work on her fitness.

When she started at MadLab almost a year ago after having her third child, she said she never would have thought she’d be competing less than a year later.

“I"m still not sure I’m ready for it,” she admitted. “(But) I’ve come a lot further than I thought I would since July. I’ve come the furthest in mental strength, really, and my self-confidence in my physical abilities is growing (that got super messed up with three pregnancies). In terms of my physical abilities, my abs are stronger than I thought they’d ever be one year postpartum.”

Lex, too, has been using the upcoming competition to stay motivated to train hard. It seems to be working. Though he moved to Squamish last year after becoming a father, he continues to come to MadLab on the days he travels into the city for work, and he recently got his first handstand push-up during 17.4 of the Open competition.

6 a.m. strongman Tony is another MadLabber headed to Festivus. He has competed in the master’s division of the Open for a couple years and decided to put himself out there in a more daunting competition environment at Festivus. What made signing up easier for him is the fact that they announced the workouts well in advanced, so he knows what’s he’s getting into onApril 22nd.

“I didn’t want to get involved in a day of frustration with too many movements I can’t do,” he said. He’s looking forward to testing himself physically, mentally, and just enjoying the camaraderie of the day, he said.

Social media star Caron, now a devout Development Program member, is also putting herself out there.

“I’m doing Festivus because it’s an opportunity to compete against people with a similar skill set. I have done competitive sports since I was 9 years old, and I miss the thrill of competition,” she said. “I miss that start line feel: nerves, excitement and anticipation.”


Others who will be joining Kim, Marin, Kari, Tony, Caron and Lex at Festivus include Caleigh, Jocelyne, Erin and Natasha.


Save the Date: April 22nd at Rocky Point CrossFit. The event will be going on all day. If you’re around, join us in cheering them on!


Good luck to all.