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Fill Up Your Tank

Stamina is the capacity to continue an activity for some period of time or to repeat a movement continuously. In simple terms, it is the ability to 'keep going'. The length of time that we require to keep going determines the type of stamina required. It ranges from 'local muscular stamina' which is required to perform a series of powerful movements, such as press-ups of wood chopping to 'total stamina' where sustained effort is required over a prolonged period. It could be measured in hours, as with the long-distance runner, or even days of weeks, as in the case of the Arctic explorer. Stamina depends on the efficiency of the lungs, heart, blood vessels and the working muscles. It is often referred to as 'aerobic', where the exercise will be moderately energetic, making you slightly out of breath, and will last for 20 minutes or more, during which you breathe in sufficient oxygen to provide an adequate supply to the working muscles, so withstanding the onset of fatigue. Prep the shoulders with some mobility work, then work your way to a heavy turkish get up Warm up/Tech:(Heavy Turkish Get Ups) and warm up wod movements Workout: Tabata Three 20 sec's on 10 sec's rest for 8 rounds of each movement. PushPress 95/65lbs Barbell HangPowerClean (same barbell) RingDips Once completed 11:50secs on the tabata clock rest 3 minutes and preform the following: MAX, Push Jerk in 1 minute HangSquatClean in 1 minute Sit ups in 1 minute Score total is your tabata reps (lowest round each movement) added with max in a minute reps Go get some! CFP