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Finding Good Meat isn’t Easy

Warm-up Split into 2 groups and have some fun warming up back and forth with: 1) The L-sit to tuck planche to shoulder stand on the parallettes. Try a press to handstand finish as well. 2) Glute Ham Raises, (3 sets of 6 to 8), that many of us tried out for the first time last Wednesday. Workout "TWINS" 2 Rounds of: - 15 Medium Box Jumps (24"/30") - 6 Rope Climbs (13 ft to pipe) followed by 2 Rounds of: - 15 Chest to Bar Pullups - 30 Lunges (walking - lightly touch knee) The Meat we Eat So, before I preach more on diet (I wrote and ranted for about an hour before confusing myself and deleting - I thought I had the meat thing figured out - stay tuned).....let's get better educated. It's a complex subject - but we can all make better choices on where we obtain our essential protein. I can't say enough about the books I've read lately but it's brought me to a place where you must do your homework, evaluate, ask questions, search further, get a little more confused, then look at the politics and where the money goes, then simply decide for yourself and get eating. I'll post my top 3 blogs, websites, documentary movies, and books late tomorrow. Please post what you've found informative cause I love checking out the latest and greatest data. I love listening to Joel Salitin and encourage others to find local farms around here that follow similar practices.