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First Creamsicle goes to...

8 am stud, and perennial Yelling Champion, Rich Fraser.

Rich has been a member of our community for a number of years now. He shows up to 7 or 8 am classes multiple times a week, and prefers the days when we don't use skipping ropes. "Skipping is for little girls." Despite his commitment, it became apparent on FB when the picture was released this am that many of you don't know Rich.

Rich: Mark the date. July 15th MadLab Beach Day. Time to get social with this community. Maybe we'll host a yelling competition for you?

Today, Rich did 6/6 Bulgarian split squats @30x1 at 144 lb. —well over 2/3rds bodyweight. (He weighed in at 201 lb.). He finished a looked like he was going to pass out.

** We later realized he owes us two reps, as Andy's challenge is 8/8 at 2/3rds bodyweight. Rich, you ready to try again next week?

Here's Rich accepting his creamsicle!

Who else is going to join the creamsicle club this cycle?