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First Mass Paleo2.0 Pinch Sunday at Noon to 1pm

image FYI - Don't ever combine the following image The video of the massacre is on Patty's new iPhone. Friday and Saturday Workout Break into 3 and 4 person teams - record times and team on front board at gym. Use the comment section to build your team and throw out challenges to others This relay start involves five stages. * The first member of the team does a shuttle run from the outside curb to 10m cone, then to 40m cone, then to the 100m Lulu Corner and returns * Next to a set of 35/40/45lb DB Thrusters(m) or 20/25/30lb (w) DB Thrusters inside the gym. * The first member must complete the 35/30/25 reps depending on weight they chose (If 45lbs - 25 reps must be completed, if 40lbs - do 30, if 35lbs do 35 reps - same for ladies). * After Thrusters are done the second athlete starts the shuttle run & then onto the DB thrusters and so on with the 3rd and 4th member. * The first athlete then does 40 (m & w) Glute Ham Sit-ups then moves on to * 10 Muscle-ups or 25 ring dips and 25 Pull-ups, then finishes with * 100 Double-Unders sits down and is finished. * The team continues with each returning member touching/starting the next member after his/her Thrusters are done. * The clock stops when the last team member finishes his/her double-unders - only one GHSU station per team and max two skipping ropes. Enjoy Tbear