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Fish oil and Seed oil free seminar Wednesday at 8 pm

We have been approached by hundreds of people selling "supplements", "performance enhancers", "Healthy Juices" and all sorts of tonices potions and various recipes of snake oil. What we have witnessed........ they are complete bullshit. The "health" food industry as a whole is full of charlatans. We do not believe anybody unless they can show results. Then about a year ago Lunger brought an oil guy around and began pestering me about promoting fish and seed oil. I was skeptical. What has since happened can only be described as the real deal. Slowly one person at a time nutritional oils have infiltrated our school. We did not advertise them, so much so that my skeptisism had people taking them in secret. Then one day I hear Pup in the corner having a conversation with Lunger that appeared to be a drug deal. Low talking back to everyone. I find out PUP has been on this shit for months and in the same moment came to realize that the little bugger was PRing everything. So I asked him "Why didn't you say anything to anyone?" he retorts with his little sideways Pup grin, "I have to get ahead of the game in here before everyone finds out....this shit is crazy." To hear that for a guy like Pup, who gave up on Santa Claus when he was 3 years old....I decided to give it a try. The first day I tried the seed oil, it kicked in about a half an hour later while I was in costco.......I was so jacked up I did a set of handstand pushups in the water isle (not much traffic) to come down a little. It was like speed or something. It will MAKE you workout. As for the fish oil; my moment of belief came while attending a Choices seminar. I had done a shit load of HSPU's and had been in a suit and tie for 2 days (I have a chronic neck issue) and wanted to cry from the agony. I super dosed the fish oil ( 4-5 caps) that night and woke up with no neck pain what so ever. Since then I have pr'd Helen, Grace, Sc 500, Snatch, C & J and my neck and back pain have gone away. Unbelievable. So I decided to invest in the company. The shit works......I have no idea why. Come by and hang with us Wednesday night and hear Andrew (Oil expert) describe why it works. He knows a shit load about chemistry, the body and oil. As a bonus: Dr. Varma would like to offer the gift of a one-hour Ayurveda appointment to each attendee of our lecture (worth $149). He would come personally to the lecture, say a few words at the end of our talk about what he's giving as a gift and how to redeem. Why Omega 3's work Giddup & Patty out Wednesday's Workout Warm-up -35 Medballs Sit-ups with partner Skill Work Lever Progressions and Cranks. Cranks are performed by lowering yourself from an inverted position on rings to the horizontal position of a front or back lever then pulling it back up to the inversion without a significant hip bend. Practice them in a tuck, one leg in, etc. Coach Carl Paoli of shows us a great progression with a band positioned in front or behind the torso depending on which levers you practice. Check out the lever progressions here. Workout 8 Rounds of: 30 seconds handstand pushups 30 seconds rest 30 seconds anchored sit-ups w/ abmat 30 seconds rest - Count cumulative reps for score * kips are allowed in HSPU's, leave the abmats for the situps, * sit-ups must have hands past toes and head must touch mat. * use bands on HSPU's - they count 2 to 1. * If you want a head rest use the green cushions and 25lb plates under hands to keep all legit. Thanks, TBear