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Fish Oil In Stock!

We can't seem to keep it in stock. New case of fish oil is in, ask your coach. Another order has already been placed. Dr. Barry Sears talks about the importance of Fish Oil for health and performance but he doesn't mention that most of the commercially available fish oils are cooked at high temperatures like cooking oil (think Mazola) to extract heavy metals and other toxins. This process includes the use of acetone or alcohol and subsequent bleaching and deodorizing before it is bottled for your consumption. Crossfit Vancouver's Mighty Omega brand is prepared using a carbon dioxide extraction process that allows for low temperature processing resulting in less molecular damage, no acetone, alcohol or bleach, etc. This is why it is more effective at lower dosages. Think about 1/3 of your regular daily dosage. A quick survey of local Crossfit gyms has most of them selling high temperature cooked oils like NutraSea and NFH, CrossFit Vancouver's School of Fitness is the first CrossFit affiliate in BC to carry a carbon dioxide extracted product. Tech:Partner Assisted Muscle Ups In groups of 3 spotters hold active partner's shins and help them through the range of motion for a static muscle up (except for the few stars who already have unassisted static muscle ups). Keep the reps low, practice the movement focusing on the transition phase - don't burn out your ring dips. WOD: JT 21-15-9 HSPU Ring Dips Push Ups Love Corey