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Flab Challenge III Begins…... Friday Sept 7th- 6pm

It is that time of year. Time to put down the booze, burgers and sugar and get our lives back on track. There is nothing better than a Flab Challenge to shrink our gut and clean out the pipes. Crossfit combined with a "performance" diet is a lethal combination. Lets tune our lifestyle, shed the flab and see just how strong, fast and powerful we can be!!!! We have found that healthy competition and a firm goal work wonders with this endeavor. Here is how it works. 1) Everyone gets measured for body fat and Musclemass on Friday. This will be done by BODYCOMP IMAGING (DXA technology.....think low dose x-ray) 2) Everyone gets measured again on Friday Dec 7th (again using DXA Technology) 3) RANDOM FAT/muscle mass TESTING: Random people at random times will be tested and the results averaged and prorated(using DXA). This should keep people honest - No more Rhino cram sessions 2 weeks before Dec 7th 4) We have a nutrition lesson and everyone gets a diet plan. The highest percentage of percentage body fat lost ......wins 1st Prize: $300 2nd Prize: $200 3rd Prize: $150 and The person with the most percentage of percentage of lean body mass gained...... wins $150 additional $50 to the person who gains the most muscle mass while still losing fat + personal training sessions, Crossfit Apparrel, Oakley Sunglasses and gear, Massage Sessions, Golf Lessons, Fight Training, and a lot more other goodies + the love and respect of all. Total Value: Priceless Cost: $150 (The x-ray machine is not cheap...$169 for 2 scans) Sign up at the gym......if you are down with lean and mean!!!! image