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Flab Challenge Update- Weighted Broom Stick Mile

The flab challenge is continuing to show some huge gains. I believe that our current leader for both body fat and muscle is Clean Eating Dan. These are his comparative stats over the last 2.5 months: Front Squat 95 lbs to 205 lbs= +110 lbs Fran 21 min 03 sec with Green Band Pull-ups to 16 min 05 sec with purple band Pull-ups Murph-not able to complete to 56 min 58 sec Purple Band Pull-ups Body Fat 25159g to 16828g -18.4 lbs Body Fat % 25.90% to 18.30% -7.60% Lean Muscle 69306g to 72348g +6.7 lbs In addition to making a complete overhall of his diet, he has also been consistently showing up to the gym 3 times a week and working his ass off. CONGRATS dan!!! But for those of you who have not been seeing the results you wanted, you are not alone. Humans are so complex, and there are so many factors involved and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. The key is to be patient and keep tweaking until you find something that works for you. 7 weeks ago, Jenn joined team machine and followed my guidelines pretty religiously (gave up the chocolate and sugar for more vegetables and unprocessed foods). Despite not seeing any immediate results she stuck with it for the 7 week period hoping to see some big changes in the end. Her performance has gone up (which could be attributed to a number of factors), but her scan only showed a .5%reduction in body fat. But the cool thing about Jenn, is that rather than giving up, she is willing to be part of my extended experiment where she is going to enjoy the holiday and then in January she is going to go on strict zone for 7 weeks and see if portion control makes a bigger difference for her, then we will try a hybrid model between the two and possibly intermittent fasting as well. The key is not to rely on what works for other people, but to be patient, give one thing a legitimate shot and then keep tweaking until you find something that works for you. Todays workout: The broomstick mile, but rather than using a broom stick we are going to use some bars still keeping it light with 65lbs for guys and 45lbs for girls. 25 back squats 25 front squats 25 overhead squats 400m Run 25 standing press 25 push press 25 push jerk 400m Run 50 squat cleans (from the ground) 400m Run 50 snatch (from the Ground) 400m Run Be forewarned, its not as easy as it looks. Times this morning ranged from 26-45minutes. This week will be a nice combination of long mental challenges, short sprints and pure strength. Enjoy!