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Flexibility is useless...

Okay, um, well, it has some, but, stop it, just keep reading... I have been on this "useless" kick for some time now, primarily because I am flexible. I don't have many awesome aspects of my training that I contribute to my flexibility; coiling your torso around your pelvis in which you can lick your own anus isn't something more than a cute party trick (depending on who your friends are). Sure it's nice to be able to reach for the cookie jar at the top of the kitchen cabinets; what use it that if your about as frail as the grandmother who hid them from you in the first place. Flexibility (Passive Range) - "The ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint." reformed - "A useless range of motion; with the exception of bedroom activities, as a receiver." You need to be able to do something in those elaborate ranges of motion; otherwise, you're just __________________. Based on my usual Chesty references, I challenge you to fill in the blank via the comments section. Moving forward. You need strength in those deep ranges of motion to help prevent injury, increase usable range, and access your full potential.
  • In the absence of specific training, our neuromuscular system functions best in the mid range of any given movement (aka the "POWER ZONE!!!").
  • Contrary to belief, this is not based on any physiological rule, rather, it is more of a "default setting" of the central nervous system.
  • You need to train those ranges outside the "POWER ZONE!!!"
    • the bottom or top of the pull up
    • the deepest part of your squat
    • the position you hate the most
Slow down, and feel it. Chesty Tuesday Lesson Plan Warm Up: Coach's Choice Skill/Str Element: A1. 3 Bench Press, 3 sets. Those with wonky shoulders, do floor press insted. A2. 8 no money w/2sec pause, 3 sets Workout: Every 4 minutes for 16 min: 300m Row, as fast as possible. Avg row times for Leaderboard. In the event of a large (over 22) start half the group on Bench Press and the other on the Row Optional Finisher: 100 Bus Drivers in as few sets as possible (25/15lbs)