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I see it as training rather than “exercise,” and I’m increasingly committed as time goes on

Meet Shana

How did you find MadLab and what made you decide to join?

A couple of years ago I saw a sports medicine doctor who suggested I stop running. Fortunately for me, the physiotherapist I saw next suggested that what I needed was to build strength and retool my gait, not give up my activity. Being a fan of the second suggestion much more than the first, I started looking for a gym.

I chose MadLab because of the focus on instruction and community. I knew I needed help and needed to be inspired by strong people. I didn’t realize it when I joined, but what I really needed was a coach. I understand that term—“coach”—a little differently now than I did when I joined. Then, I thought it was someone who would show me how to do something. Now, I recognize the depth in that role. I work together with my coach and am grateful every day to receive coaching from one of the best, in a place that now feels like a second home.

Why is health and fitness important to you?

Health and fitness have always been extremely important to me, but the fitness side of the equation had long been a challenge I wasn’t sure how to solve. High school athletics were a long time ago, and since then my attempts at sport and exercise were not always successful, landing in injury, gradual disinterest, or general ineffectiveness.

What I find especially interesting about my training now is just that—I see it as training rather than “exercise,” and I’m increasingly committed as time goes on. This shift in perspective has been critical for me.

I’m training to get back on the trails, explore some new sports, carry a loved one out of a burning building (I don’t plan to test that one, but I like knowing that I can do it), and generally increase my capacity for all things.

What results have you gained from being at MadLab?

Since being at MadLab, I’ve gained a greater appreciation of what it means to be resilient and that mindset is such an important part of it; it’s something I’m actively working on. I’ve also gained strength, knowledge, and new friends. And I’ve acquired a practice that takes me away from the daily grind, getting me out of my head and into my body, and lets me return feeling accomplished and like a badass.

A few things have surprised me. I expected to be bored by weightlifting. (Nope, I love it.) I expected to suffer through gymnastics. (Nope, love that too.) I’ve discovered how much I like disciplined movement, which, it seems, is exactly what my body needs right now.


What is one routine in your day that you never miss?

I never miss a meal. I particularly enjoy breakfast. Preferably with bacon. Can we eat soon?


Be like Shana and give MadLab a go. Don't give up on your activities!